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Job Description

By the nature of its responsibility and the influence on campers, a counselor is one of the most important persons at camp. The¬†guiding list of a counselor’s responsibilities will ensure productive and fun weeks at camp for all.

  1. Are to report to camp on Sunday by noon
  2. Are assigned to his/her own group
  3. Will sleep in the same room with his/her group
  4. Ensure that campers attend scheduled classes and all other activities
  5. Attend church services with campers and ensure that they are on time
  6. Supervise campers’ behavior in church
  7. Counsel campers; if a problem arises, consult with the camp director, camp chairman, or camp co-chairman
  8. Will not use verbal or physical punishment at any time (or have campers walk/run through graveyard at night)
  9. Set an example of Christian behavior for the campers
  10. May leave the premises only to accompany and supervise campers on field trips
  11. Attend meetings called by the coordinator or priests
  12. Will be required to meet for a mandatory orientation (date to be provided) prior to camp with the Camp staff
  13. Must comply with the established dress code
  14. May not bring outside food or treats for health and safety reasons (and if found, will be confiscated)