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Outdoor Activities

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  • Everyone in the room must be ready before leaving to come downstairs; the entire room must come down together.
  • Please make sure to turn off bathroom lights as well as the room light.
  • Bring out any outdoor equipment by the back door
  • Once you leave you are not to come back upstairs.
  • Make sure you bring all the things you may need for the afternoon. Towel, gym shoes etc.
  • Always let the nearest counselor know if you need to use the bathroom. We have one downstairs by the back stairs and outside by the green/white building.
  • Never leave the general area of the activity. The lake, cemetery, monastery, or any other building/area allows only supervised groups.
  • Make sure you check your tournament schedule periodically. If we cannot find you, your game will be rescheduled.
  • Use proper sportsmanship at all times. The person nearest the play should make the call. On a close or questionable call always rule in favor of the other team.
  • If you cannot resolve your differences call a counselor or any adult for help.
  • Water and a snack will be provided under the tree.
  • Try to mark and reuse the same cup for the afternoon.
  • Wait your turn in line. Never cut in front of others.
  • The water provided is for drinking only. Do not wet yourself or others. We have well water for those types of activities.
  • Always throw your garbage in the cans provided.� Periodically you may have to pick up after others. Thank you in advance.
  • When it is time to come inside please help out picking up all our equipment.� Nothing ever gets left outside.