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Every day at camp is a busy day. Mealtime is a time to slow down and connect. Our mealtimes are at least thirty minutes long. We want our campers to relax, enjoy the food, and learn to have meaningful conversations.

In today’s world, it seems we don’t slow down to really enjoy our meals. Camp mealtime provides a place for children to slow down. It’s wonderful to see campers talking, laughing, and enjoying conversations.

Whatever they talk about during meals, it is about youth learning to have conversations and connecting with one another. Meals are just one more example of the goodness that exists at camp.

 Mealtime rules

  • There are 6 campers to a table and 1 counselor (after juice or serving rotation)
  • Begin and end mealtime with prayer
  • Participate in prayer by singing; stand quietly and respectfully for the blessing
  • Please walk to serving table when your table has been called
  • Take only as much food as you can eat; let the server know how much or how little you want
  • Say please and thank you when served
  • Once everyone has been served, campers may have “seconds”
  • When finished with your meal, clean up and wait quietly for others to finish
  • At each meal, one camper volunteers to clean the table for inspection
  • Inspection winners will be called first at the next meal
  • Rotate where you sit to encourage new friendships
  • Campers are not allowed in the kitchen at any time