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  • Only 6 per table.  (one counselor per table after your juice or serving rotation)
  • We always start and finish a meal with a prayer.
  • Please stand quietly and respectfully when asked for prayer.
  • You will be called up by table. Walk to get in line, never run.
  • Only take the food you can eat. If you would like just a little of something let the server know.
  • Always say please and thank you when you are served
  • After everybody has had firsts we will call for seconds whenever you are ready.
  • After you are done you may clean up and wait quietly for others to finish.
  • Please stay at your own table.
  • Only one person will volunteer to clean the table for inspection.
  • Encourage the campers to sit with different people
  • The cleanest and quietest table will go 1st during our next meal, names will be on board
  • Please sing and participate during the pre and post meal prayer.
  • Please stay out of the kitchen at all times