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In Your Room

  • No food, drinks, or cell phones in your rooms.
  • No one may have money in their rooms, a money fund per camper will be set up for them to deposit and withdrawal as needed
  • Treat your roommates the way you would want to be treated.
  • Never make fun of, ridicule or disrespect your peers or staff.
  • Never go thru or take other peoples belongings.
  • Look to get to know everybody in your room.
  • If you need something, ask your counselor.
  • Never leave your room for any reason.
  • You are never to go into another room without one of the head counselors¬†permission.
  • You may only shower during scheduled times.
  • Keep your dormitory space tidy by making your bed and putting your things away neatly.
  • Keep your washrooms clean
  • Showers will be taken daily, keep yourself clean by bathing, washing, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, wearing deodorant and dressing properly.¬†¬†Your room should make a rotation.
  • You only have 5 min. in the shower.
  • If your turn is next you should be ready with your supplies.
  • Your time starts the moment the person before you opens the door.
  • Always flush in between wipes.
  • If you vandalize or break something your parents (guardians) will pay to fix or replace the item.
  • Any behavior or discipline problems will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • Always use ladders and never jump from a bed or to another bed
  • Repeated or serious problems will lead to your removal from camp.