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  • Please wear your nicest clothes and nicest shoes to church. Be careful when eating so that you can avoid staining your clothes. After changing into street clothes make sure to hang your church clothes.
  • If you did not bring suitable clothing we will have to call someone to bring them to you.
  • Everyone in the room must be ready before leaving to come downstairs; the entire room must come down together.
  • Please make sure to turn off bathroom lights as well as the room light.
  • When going to church we line up by the fountain in the formation of girls on one side, boys on the other, shortest to tallest.
  • Cross yourself when passing through both sets of doors, before you kiss the icon, whenever you hear the priest say “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, and whenever the priest censes you and kiss the priests hand when receiving a blessing.
  • When being blessed place right hand over left palm
  • Always kiss priests hand when being greeted
  • You are expected to participate in all parts of the church service: singing and praying included.
  • Most of our responses are repetitive so it should not take you very long to get the hang of it.
  • After the service stand quietly until it is time to exit. DO NOT TALK, chew gum, laugh, rock back and forth, lean or yell.
  • We ALWAYS enter and exit the building thru the back doors and back stairwell.
  • Girls wear dresses/skirt and blouses and shoes (skirts should not be more than an inch above the knee. Shoulders and mid section should be covered
  • Boys wear pants (no jeans), shirts (appropriate) and shoes
  • Make sure you have correct service sheets either Matins (morning) or Vespers (evening)
  • Address the Bishop as “Your Grace,” the priests as “Father” or “Oce,” and your elders as “Cika” (male) or “Teta” (female).