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Candle Light Dinner

  • We will be hosting a nice dinner on Thursday night
  • You have the option to askĀ  and escortĀ  a young gentleman or lady to dinner, this does not mean you are engaged or going steady, this is an opportunity to get to know someone and be treated special for an evening
  • You may go with a group but make sure all involved understand it is a group date so not to hurt anyones feelings
  • If you wish to go alone you may do so and sit with other individuals who have made the same decision
  • If you are asked to go with someone and would rather not please be polite and sensitive in your response
  • Minimum time will be given to change after church for the evenings event, still remember where you are when dressing for the evening
  • The Bishop will be joining us for dinner so please remember to be on your best behavior
  • After dinner you will be allowed to change for dancing and games