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Candlelight Dinner

It’s Thursday evening and it’s Candlelight Dinner night at camp. Tonight’s meal is special, the tables are decorated, and the lighting is lower making dinner more relaxed. The campers are dressed in their Sunday best clothing and are on their best behavior.

Manners and social skills need to be cultivated at a young age and reinforced throughout young adulthood. Candlelight Dinner is an opportunity to do this. Boys and girls are paired in twos or groups of threes (depending on the ratio of boys:girls) and attend dinner with their partner(s).

At Candlelight dinner, the basic principals of etiquette are strong and true – good table manners, pleasant conversation skills, and making a positive impression on others.

Our speaker series, “Successful Serbs in America,” is the main feature at candlelight dinner.

We invite successful Serbian guest speakers to deliver inspiring messages that connect with our campers.

We know their successes and positive influence will motivate our campers to pursue their dreams, to study hard, to become successful leaders, and to contribute to their Serbian Orthodox church and community in a positive way.

In the past, our Successful Serbs in America series has featured speakers from the following careers:

  • Teacher
  • High school principal
  • Priest
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Architect
  • College basketball player
  • Key account manager for DOW Chemical
  • Chief financial officer
  • Human resource specialist
  • Head coach of Chicago Fire Soccer
  • Chicago Bulls basketball player
  • Doctoral student
  • Hospitality student


Candlelight Dinner rules

  • Boys and girls will be paired in twos or groups of threes depending on the ratio of boys:girls
  • Campers will wear their dressy dinner clothing to church
  • Dinner clothing should be appropriate – Sunday dressy, respectful and acceptable for monastery camp; please avoid inappropriate clothing
  • After dinner, campers will be allowed to change their clothing for dancing and games