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Weekly Schedule

Below is the weekly schedule at Midwest Diocese Camp 2019. It may be subject to change due to the weather, pool availability, holidays, etc.


Weekly Schedule

Sunday Evening Orientation; Contemplation
Monday Outdoor Fun; Group Picture; Cevap Picnic/Campfire
Tuesday Matins with Pomen; Six Flags Great America (after lunch)
Wednesday Talent Search; Group Sports; Dance/Games
Thursday Pool; Formal Dinner with Speakers; Kolo/Games/Movie
Friday Outdoor Fun; Talent Show; Pizza Party
Saturday Departure. See you next year!


Sunday                                         Monday

2-4:00 pm    Registration4:30 pm       Room meeting5:30 pm       Church rehearsal

6:00 pm       Vespers

6:45 pm       Dinner

7:45 pm       Change clothes

8:15 pm       Introductions

8:45 pm       Flashlight tour

9:30 pm       CONTEMPLATION

10:00 pm     Lights out

7:00 am      Rise and Shine8:00 am      Matins8:45 am      Breakfast

9:30 am      Room cleaning

10:00 am    Program prep

10:30 am    Class rotation

Noon           Lunch

1:00 pm      Outdoor fun

4:00 pm      Showers

5:00 pm      Vespers

5:30 pm      GROUP PICTURE

6:30 pm      Change clothes

7:00 pm      CEVAP PICNIC


8:30 pm      Six Flags Groups

10:00 pm     Lights out


Tuesday                                        Wednesday

7:00 am       Rise and Shine8:00 am       Breakfast8:45 am       MATINS with POMEN

9:30 am       Room cleaning

10:30 am     Class rotation

11:00 am     Six Flags rules

11:15 am     Lunch

11:45 am     Depart for Six Flags

12:00 pm     SIX FLAGS

6:00 pm       Dinner at Six Flags

9:30 pm       Pick up from Six Flags

10:00 pm     Lights out



7:30 am      Rise and Shine8:00 am      Matins8:45 am      Breakfast

9:30 am      Room cleaning

10:00 am    TALENT SEARCH

10:30 am    Project

11:30 am    Group Class

Noon           Lunch

1:00 pm      Finish Crafts

2:00 pm      SPORTS

3:15 pm      Snack

4:30 pm      Showers

6:00 pm      Vespers

6:45 pm      Dinner

8:00 pm      Change clothes

8:30 pm      DANCE/GAMES

10:00 pm    Lights out


Thursday                                     Friday

7:00 am        Rise and Shine8:00 am        Breakfast8:45 am        Matins

9:30 am        Room cleaning

10:30 am      Class Rotation

11:30 am      Lunch

12:30 pm      DEPART FOR POOL

4:00 pm        Shower at pool

4:30 pm        Return to Camp

5:50 pm        Vespers/Confession

6:45 pm        DINNER/SPEAKER

7:15 pm        Kolo/Games/Movie

9:00 pm        CONTEMPLATION

10:00 pm      Lights out

7:00 am        Rise and Shine8:00 am        DIVINE LITURGY9:15 am        Snack

10:00 am      Change clothes

10:30 am      Class rotation

Noon             Lunch

1:00 pm        Practice talents

2:00 pm        OUTDOOR FUN

4:00 pm        Showers

5:00 pm        Vespers

6:00 pm        Dinner

7:00 pm        TALENT SHOW

8:30 pm        Pizza party

10:00 pm      Lights out



8:00 am      Rise and Shine8:30 am      Final cleaning9:00 am      Breakfast

10:00 am    DEPARTURE