Midwest Diocese Camp Season 2017

Dear Parents and Campers,

With the blessing  of his Grace Vladika Longin, the 2017 camp season will begin on June 25!

We are looking forward to another wonderful season and our Kolo Sisters are diligently working to make all the preparations for a fabulous camp season!

Weeks 1 and 5 are at capacity!!

There are 10 more spots available for Week 4

The ages for Week 3 have been extended: all campers ages 7 – 12 are welcome!

Please continue to send completed applications for weeks 2, 3, and 4

 Attention:  Please make note, the camp phone is not working. Please send all inquiries via email to: midwestdiocesecamp@gmail.com

2017 Camp Fees

The cost of camp includes: all room and board, camp t-shirt, pool entrance fee, Great America, and movie. 

Full payment must accompany registration.

Early Registration Standard Registration
Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 $150 $175
Teen Week $175 $200
Non-member** $215
**Non-member fee will be charged if no priest signature on application.


Important Details, Attire

  • Refer to the packing list when choosing attire for camp
  • Girls may not wear halter tops or those that expose their midriff
  • Girls may not wear shorts that are above mid-thigh
  • There is to be no writing on the backside of shorts or pants
  • Any clothing displaying vulgar or explicit language is not allowed
  • Church attire for boys prohibits jeans, t-shirts, gym shoes
  • Church attire for girls prohibits bare shoulders, skirts/dresses above the knee, gym shoes
  • Campers in attire deemed inappropriate by a staff member will be required to change.  If they do not have an alternate choice, appropriate clothing will be provided.


Important Details, Registration

  1. All applications must be complete, in full — exceptions will be made for Medical Release Forms where Physicals are scheduled at a later date
  2. Campers with incomplete applications will not be registered
  4. Make checks payable to: Midwest Diocese Camp
  5. All applications must be mailed
    Midwest Diocese Camp
    35240 W. Grant Avenue
    Third Lake, IL 60046


Call  Teta Mira (224)659-0309


Email us  with questions or to check status of applications  midwestdiocesecamp@gmail.com


2017 Camp Weeks

Week 1: June 25 – July 1      Week 1 is at capacity!

  Campers Ages 6 – 16

 Week 2: July 2 – July 8
  Campers Ages 6 – 16

Week 3: July 9 – July 15
  Campers Ages 7 – 10

Week 4: July 16 – July 22
  Campers Ages 11 – 13

Week 5: July 23 – July 29     Week 5 is at capacity!
  Teen Week: Incoming Freshman through Graduated Seniors

**Possible Week 6**
  Summer Youth Retreat Week…..check Facebook page for more information

Check-in: Sundays from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Check-out:  Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.



  • Religion and heritage classes
  • Serbian language classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Community service event
  • Bonfire with ćevap picnic
  • A day at the pool
  • Great America
  • Candle Light dinner with speakers
  • Talent show, and lots more!


The following is a list of campers who have been fully registered….CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited to see all of you at our Midwest Diocese Camp this summer! If there is an asterisk (*) next to your name, this means that we are still waiting on a Medical Release Form to be submitted. Once we receive that, your registration will be considered complete. 

Aleksic Danilo
Aleksic Nikola
Aleksic Nikolina
Andelkovic Branko*
Andric Eva
Andrukhiv Ivan
Arezina Daniela*
Arezina Maksim*
Beric Anja
Beric Nikola
Bishop Gregory
Bjelan Ivana
Bjelan Nina
Blagojevic Ana*
Blagonadezhdin Alexei
Bojovic Daniela
Bojovic Luka
Brajic Milos*
Brilyak Dennis
Bursac Mimi
Bursac Niki
Cekic Lucas*
Cekic Nicholas*
Chukurov Anna
Cicic Nikola*
Cicic Nikolina*
Cirkovic Aleksandar
Cirovic Milica*
Cirovic Teodora*
Colakovic Ilija
Colakovic Nola
Cula”c Aleksa
Cula”c Andriana
Davorija Angelina*
Davorija Nikolina*
Dinich Stefan
Djordjevic Ana
Djordjevic Jelena
Djordjevic Kristina
Djordjevic Tina
Djukic Katarina
Djurisic Luka
Djurisic Nikola
Dubak Marko
Dubak Mihailo
Dupor Adah
Dupor Draza
Dupor Ninah
Dupor Sava
Easto Jackson*
Easto Joshua*
Elek Olga
Fischer Zachary
Fournier Luka
Fournier Sofia
Gajic Gigi
Gajic Kosa
Gallagher Aleksandra
Gallagher Michael
Gallagher Teodora
Gavric Lily
Gjorgjevska Sara
Glamocak Andre*
Glamocak Marko*
Gligorovic Aleksandar*
Gligorevic Daniel
Goljic Zora
Goljic Zvezdana
Goris Andrew
Goris Nicholas
Grba Nikola** (On Teen Week Wait List)
Gracanin Alex*
Gracanin Nikola*
Grahovac Kyra
Grahovac Mira
Gujanicic Dimitrije*
Hamilton Jasmina*
Headley Emily
Ivancevic Aleksia*
Ivancevic Danilo
Ivancevic Nina*
Jancic Ana*
Janjic Aleksandar
Janjic Petar
Jankicevic Izabela
Jankicevic Ksenia
Jankicevic Ljubisa
Jankovic Anna
Jelasity George
Jelasity Ilias
Jelasity Marko
Jensen Alexander
Jevtovic Marko
Jocic Branislav
Johnson (Zivkovich) Mila*
Johnson (ZIvkovich) Spiro*
Jokic Stefan*
JOvanovic Andjela
Kaplarevic Milan
Kelenina Ekaterina*
Kesic Andjela
Kesic Kristina
Kinzy Marina
Kinzy Milan
Kinzy Natasa
Kinzy Stefani
Knezic Lazo
Komazec Anja
Komazec Nikolina
Kovacevic Danica*
Kovilic Nikola
Krstic Andjela*
Krstic Jovan*
Lara Liana*
Lasky Emily*
Lazarevic Marko
Lecic Lazar
Ljuboja Teodora
Lukic Milica
Magazin Antonija*
Magazin Nevena*
Malencic Maja
Mandic Vuk
Marceta Aleksa
Maricic Milica*
Marinac Bosko*
Marinkovic Luka*
Marinkovic Matej
Markovic Maja
Markovic Marija*
Markovic Marina
Maskova Maria*
Matic Ema
Matic Lazar
Matic Mia
Mikich Marko
Mikich Natalija
Milivojevic Danijela
Milivojevic Dejan
Mirjanic Marina
Munson Luka*
Munson Mila*
Negovanovic Aleksandar
Negovanovic Djordje
Neskovic Katarina
Neskovic Marija
Neskovic Marina
Neskovic Nadija
Niketic Eva*
Niktic Luka
Niktic Marko
Niktic Mateja*
Niketic Mia*
Nikitovic Andrijana
Nikitovic Emilija
Nikolic Nadja
Novakovic Sofija
Obradovic Rade
Obradovic Stefan
Ostovic Lana*
Pantelic Strahinja
Pastar Michael*
Pavlovic Marko*
Pavlovic Mateja*
Pavlovic Maxim*
Pavlovic Melanija*
Pavlovic Mikail*
Pavlovic Mira*
Pavlovic Mirko*
Petricevic Dejan
Petricevic Djordje
Petrovic Andjelija
Petrovic Jovana
Petrovic Pavle
Petrovic Petar
Piletic William*
Plavsic Anastasija
Plavsic Jovan
Plavsic Sofija
Pljevaljcic Katarina*
Popovich Adriana
Popovich Ta(ana
Premovic Maja
Prljic Voya
Protic Andjelija
Protic Andrija
Prvulov Lazar
Prvulov Sonja
Pupovac Jovana
Pupovac Natasa
Radisic Stefan*
Radojevic Emilija*
Radosavljevic Mateja*
Radosavljevic Mina*
Raic Dimitrije*
Raic Nikola*
Raicu Elaina*
Raicu Margaret*
Rastovic Milan
Rebic Marko
Rebic Maya
Rebic Stefan
Ristanovic Dimitrije
Roufus Maija*
Samoukovic Jelena
Samoukovic Milica
Savic Danka
Scekic Iva
Scekic Matija
Schumacher Izabela*
Selakovic Aleksandra
Selakovic Jovan
Selakovic Milan
Shaljanin Matia
Simic Vlado
Skakavac Marko
Sparks Gabrijela*
Srnic Milan
Stanojevic Aleksandra
Stanojevic Ivana
Stanojevic Marija*
Tajsic Luka
Timotijevic Ilija
Todorovic Logan*
Tomich Ilija
Tomich Liliana
Tomich Luka
Urosevic Milica*
Urosevic Stefan*
Velemir Anastasia*
Velemir Njegos*
Veleusic Luka*
Vorkapich Desanka
Vorkapich Jelena
Vorkapich Mila
Vorkapich Petar
Vujic Natalia
Vujic Stevan
Vujovic Natalia
Vujovic Sofia
Vukanic Luka
Vukasin Lena*
Vukotic Nikolas*
Woldt Lucija*
Zjalic Elena
Zjalic Nina
Zjalic Roman Vasilje
Zlatkovic Sofia
Zlatkovich Danijela
Zlatkovich Stefan
Zubic Aleksandar*
Zubic Katerina*



We look forward to spending a fun-filled summer at camp with you!


Father Tom Kazich, Camp Director
Mira Andjelkovic, KSS President, New Gracanica-Midwestern America


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